Comfortable studios and suites for 2-4 people

Enjoy an memorable stay in Polichrono, Halkidiki, Greece, for your summer holidays. Polichrono beckons with its charming blend of traditional Greek charm and modern comfort.

Your summer destination begins with the golden sands and crystal-clear waters of Polichrono’s beaches, offering a perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our accommodations are designed to enhance your experience, providing a cozy and stylish place.

Join us in creating cherished moments against the backdrop of Halkidiki’s beauty and hospitality

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Studios & Suites

Anastasia's Studios, Deluxe Suite Polichrono Halkidiki

Deluxe Suite

Up to 4 people / 45m2

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Anastasia's Superior Studios Polichrono Halkidiki

Superior Studios

Up to 4 people / 30m2

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